Construction Board of Adjustments & Appeals

The Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals consists of seven (7) members and two (2) alternates. The Board must be composed of individuals with knowledge and experience in the technical codes, much as design professionals, contractors of building industry representatives. In addition to the regular members, there are two alternate members, one member at large from the building industry and one member at large from the public. A board member shall not act in a case in which he has a personal or financial interest.

The Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals, when so appealed to and after a hearing, may vary the application of any provision of this Code to any particular case when, in its opinion, the enforcement thereof would do manifest injustice and would be contrary to the spirit and purpose of this or the technical codes or public interest.

The Building Official shall act as Secretary of the Board and shall make a detailed record of all of its proceedings, which shall set forth the reasons for its decision, the vote, the absence of a member and any failure of a member to vote.

(For more details on the Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals, please refer to City of Tyler Code Sec. 6-2.)


Board Members
Place Name Term


Jason Vorste 2012-2019


John Bullard(Chair) 2012-2018


David Socia 2016-2018


Max Slicker 2016-2018


Jion Dietz  2016-2019


Jimmy Reed 2016-2018


John McKinney 2017-2019


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