Northeast Texas Public Health District Board

The nine (9) member Northeast Texas Public Health Board shall govern the Northeast Texas Public Health District. The Board consists of two (2) qualified practicing physicians nominated by the Smith County Medical Society; one qualified practicing dentist nominated by the Smith County Dental Society; four members, one of whom shall be a representative from the food industry-Two of the four shall be nominated by the Smith County Commissioners' Court and two by the Tyler City Council, and two appointed by the Board of the Northeast Texas Public Health District.

The Health District was created by the City of Tyler and Smith County to provide certain related services. The Board shall adopt and establish both substantive and procedural rules necessary and appropriate to protect the health and safety of the citizens of Smith County, Texas. Any and all rules adopted by the Board shall have the full force and effect of law except where in conflict with a state or federal law or duly enacted local ordinance or county law.

The Northeast Texas Public Health District Chief Executive Officer, the Mayor of the City of Tyler, the County Judge of Smith County shall be non-voting ex officio members of the Board. The operating members, by majority vote of each governing body, may name additional non-voting, ex officio members as needed and subject to its discretion.

Board Members
Place Name Term
City Linda Klotz-Chair 2012-2018
City Kimberly Ashley 2017-2019
County Carlos Villapudua 2013-2019
County Linda Isabell 2011-2018
Smith Co. Medical Society Meg Reitmeyer, MD 2017-2019
Smith Co. Medical Society Li-Yu Mitchell, MD 2016-2018
Smith Co. Dental Society  David Bright 2014-2018
NET Health Board Appointee Danita Alfred, Ph.D 2017-2019
NET Health Board Appointee Cindy Grace 2012-2018
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