Tyler Public Library Board

The Tyler Public Library Board is composed of seven (7) members appointed by the City Council. The Tyler Public Library Board shall

a. Advise the City Council and City Manager:

1. on present and future needs of the library;

2. on adequate funding for library services, including recommendations
for the proposed annual operating budget;

3. on matters relating to library policies;

4. on other matters relating to library services;

b. Maintain a familiarity with state and federal regulations and grant programs pertaining to library services and, at the direction of the City Council, act as representatives of the City before various governmental and citizen groups;

c. Establish the time and place, procedures for board meetings to be held at least four (4) times per year;

d. Select a vice chairperson from among its members.

The City Librarian shall act as the City Manager's liaison to the board and shall serve as secretary and assist the board in the carrying out of its duties.


Board Members
Place Name Term


Sharon Gullett - Chair 2013-2019


Marion Branum 2014-2018


Brenda McWilliams  2015-2019


Mary Linehan  2016-2018


Alana Perdue 2017-2019


Toni Ferrell 2012-2018


Sheila Austin 2017-2019


Staff liaison: Mary Vernau

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