Business Owner Smoking Ordinance Kit
On Feb. 6, 2008, the Tyler City Council voted to adopt a new Smoking Ordinance that precludes smoking in public places and places of employment, including restaurants and bars. The new ordinance is intended to protect the public from the health risks associated with secondhand smoke.

To assist business owners in complying with the ordinance, the City of Tyler has developed this Business Owner Kit.

"Clear the Air" Initiative

Since October 2014, NET Health has distributed a "Clear the Air" window sticker and recognition certificate to over 100 restaurants who responded to a voluntary survey that was distributed to every registered food establishment in Smith County.

NET Health launched the "Clear The Air" recognition program in 2014, initially aimed at restaurants throughout Smith County who possess an indoor smoking policy, yet it has evolved into a method to promote those companies that protect the health of their customers and employees (restaurants and businesses), while also developing a culture of health that will encourage municipalities throughout Smith County to also crease a comprehensive indoor smoking policy.

Click to download the Recognition Certificate.

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Outdoor No Smoking Sign
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