In the November 1995 voters elected to adopt the One -Half Cent Sales and Use Tax within the City of Tyler for public improvements to include public safety, streets, traffic control, airport, water utilities, parks and drainage for the promotion and development of new and expanded business enterprise as set out in Texas law art. 5190.6 sec 4B.

Today the Engineering department manages nearly 13 million dollars in capital projects each year. The Half Cent Sales Tax Corporation and the Tyler City Council approve an Annual Work Plan as stipulated by the Corporation's bylaws. The Annual Work Plan consists of a 10 year Capital Improvement Program that involves identification, management and implementation of Capital Improvement Projects.

Project Ranking System


            Because the city’s goals and resources are constantly changing, this plan is designed to be re-evaluated each year to reaffirm or reprioritize the capital improvement projects. The link below explains how it works! 


2016 -2017 Annual Work Plan


   List of projects in order of rank. X in the gray column depicts new project added this year.





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