Retirement Options

Deferred Compensation (457) Plans
Up to 25% of gross earnings not to exceed $15,500 per calendar year. Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction. The City offers their employees two (2) nationally-known deferred compensation plans Hartford Life and ICMA RC. To learn more about Hartford Life and/or to utilize online click here.
To learn more about ICMA RC and/or to utilize online services visit:

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Texas Municipal Retirement System
(Non-Civil Service and Civil Service Police Positions)
Employees contribute 7% of their gross salary to the retirement system. The City contribution is a minimum of 2 to 1 match with five (5) year vesting. Employees can retire with 5+ years of service and age 60 or 20 years of service at any age. To learn more about TMRS Retirement System click here:

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Fire Pension Fund
Fire Pension Retirement System
(Civil Service Fire Positions) Employees contribute 13.5% and the City contributes 13.09% of employees gross salary to the pension.
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