Expunction of Certain Conviction Records of Children

"Child" means a person who is ten (10) years of age or older and under seventeen (17) years of age. A person convicted of not more than one misdemeanor punishable by fine only other than public intoxication or a violation of a penal ordinance of a political subdivision, while the person was a child may, on or after the person's 17th birthday, apply to the court in which the child was convicted to have the conviction expunged.

The person must make a written request to have the records expunged. The request must be under oath. The request must contain the person's statement that the person was not convicted while the person was a child of any other offense, other than the offense the person seeks to have expunged.

This does not apply to any offense otherwise covered by
(1) Chapter 106, Alcoholic Beverage Code;
(2) Chapter 161, Health and Safety Code; or
(3) Section 25.094, Education Code.

Records of a person under 17 years of age relating to a complaint dismissed as provided by Article 45.051 (Deferred Disposition and Defensive Driving) or 45.052 (Teen Court) may be expunged under this article.

The justice or municipal court may not require a person who requests expungement under this article to pay any fee or court costs.

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