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"Citation Solution" Program: Any defendant with unresolved cases and no current payment arrangement with the Court, regardless of year of the outstanding case, total amount owed, or warrant status may voluntarily appear and pay $50 as a down payment and enter into a written payment plan of $100 per month.

 This program will begin June 12th and end on July 12th to allow customers who want to voluntarily handle their court business time to do so. This program is not available to defendants who are arrested on outstanding warrants.





Using The Payment System

Please choose one of the options from the drop down menu.

If you choose citation number, please include any letters listed along with the number. For example AT10065655, PK65661)

If you choose a case number, please include any dashes after the year.  (For example, 12-00000)

The citation is a Parking ticket, please enter your license plate number and State initials.(For example, LNX777 TX)

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