Community Development Block Grant


CDBG funds are awarded to City departments, other public agencies, public and private nonprofit entities and for-profit entities to carry out eligible housing and community development projects within the boundaries of the City of Tyler.


Eligible Clientele
Projects receiving assistance must serve low- and moderate-income persons (generally defined by HUD as members of a family earning no more than 80 percent of the area median income) and/or prevent or eliminate slums and blight.


Activities that benefit low and moderate-income persons can address this objective by:

1. serving low- and moderate-income areas, or

2. serving low- and moderate-income clientele.

An activity to prevent or eliminate slums and blight - generally consists of a project that provides a benefit to the service area and the area must be designated by the City as a slum, blighted or deteriorated area. Activities assisted must address one or more conditions which contributed to the deterioration of the area.

Eligible Activities

The following is a list of eligible activities within the CDBG program:

· Acquisition of Real Property

· Disposition

· Public Facilities and Improvements

· Clearance and/or Demolition

· Public Services

· Interim Assistance

· Relocation

· Loss of Rental Income

· Privately-Owned Utilities

· Rehabilitation

· Code Enforcement

· Homeownership Assistance Planning and Capacity Building Program

· Administration Costs


Ineligible Activities

The following is a list of ineligible activities within the CDBG program:
· Assistance to buildings used for the general conduct of government

· General Government Expenses

· Political/Religious Activities

· Purchase of Equipment

· Operating and maintenance expenses

· New Housing Construction

· Income payments


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