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The City of Tyler's Demolition Program is designed to remove substandard structures from low- and moderate- income neighborhoods. Owners of vacant, deteriorated and/or dilapidated residential structures are given the opportunity to either demolish or renovate the structure to comply with City Codes. When Neighborhood Services receives a complaint regarding a vacant substandard structure, a representative from Community Development then goes out to the location to inspect the structure to determine if there are any City Code violations. If a structure is deemed substandard, then the inspector tags the structure. Once a structure has been tagged, then the property must comply with the rules and regulations established by the Neighborhood Revitalization Board and City Codes. If the owner would like to demolish the structure, the City’s voluntary demolition program would demolish the structure without charge.

Click here to access the City Code Chapter 7 related to substandard properties.

For additional information, please contact Cortez Williams, Rehab Project Specialist/Code Enforcement Officer, at 903-531-1313.


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