Neighborhood Revitalization Board (NRB)

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Board Members

Gregg Grubb (Chair) 2014-2018
Natalie Bradley 2016-2018
John Barnett 2015-2019
Vicki Jackson 2017-2019
Kevin S. Hard 2017-2018


The main duty of the Neighborhood Revitalization Board is to hear City staff recommendations for demolition of substandard buildings and Owner’s appeals. The Board may grant one (1) or more extensions of time, not to exceed one hundred twenty (120) days each, from the date of such decision by the Board, when the applicant has a written work plan. Applications for additional extensions of time shall be heard by the Board, such requests for additional extensions of time shall be filed with the housing official prior to the expiration of the current extension. All Board decisions can be appealed to the City Council.

The Board shall establish its own rules of procedure for accomplishment of its duties and functions, provided that such rules shall not be in conflict with the provisions of this code and the laws of the State.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Board meets at regular intervals to be determined by the presiding officer, but in any event, the Board shall meet within sixty (60) days after notice of appeal has been received. Reasonable notice of the place, time and date of such meetings shall be given to the members of the Board and all interested parties in each case to be heard by the Board. Three (3) members shall constitute a quorum.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of every other month at 4:45 pm. The meetings take place in City Hall, 212 North Bonner, 2nd floor in the City Council Chambers.

For further information on the Neighborhood Revitalization Board please contact Cinthia Gauna-Pesina Senior Secretary, at 903-531-1315


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