Neighborhood Empowerment Works
NEW 8 Crescent Park

The Neighborhood Empowerment Works (NEW) program is designed to enhance the quality of life for Tyler neighborhood residents through the concentrated delivery of services and programs provided by the City. Working in partnership with the neighborhoods, the City’s goal is to raise awareness of code and zoning ordinances, provide information on accessing city services and promote clean and safe neighborhoods.


“Taking the Initiative”

The City of Tyler will take the “initiative”, by making the first efforts to provide these concentrated operational services and encourage the residents to participate in the intensive “Clean Up” efforts. Ultimately, the City will provide the information and support to encourage, empower and enable the residents of the NEW neighborhoods to better maintain and continuously improve their neighborhoods.

Each NEW program begins with a three to four week concentrated effort by the City of Tyler to provide enhanced and coordinated services in some, or all, of the following areas, depending upon need:


Street Repairs / Services

Heavy Debris / Trash / Brush Collection

Enhanced Police Patrol/ Enforcement

Enhanced Animal Control

Code Enforcement Evaluations of Residential Properties

Clearing and Mowing of Vacant Lots

Boarding Up of Vacant/ Substandard Structures

Demolition of Vacant/ Substandard Structures

Storm Water Inlet Cleaning

Street and Traffic Lighting Replacement and Enhancements

Street and Traffic Signage Replacement and Enhancements

Fire Prevention Evaluation
Park & Recreation Enhancements

These services are planned and scheduled as a result of the City’s pre-assessment of needs for each designated neighborhood along with the concerns and suggestions provided by the residents at neighborhood meetings held prior to each scheduled NEW effort.


At the conclusion of each of the concentrated three to four week “Clean Up” periods, a “Progress Report & Celebration” neighborhood meeting will be held to solicit feedback from the residents on how we, the City of Tyler in partnership with the neighborhood residents, began addressing the unique needs of each neighborhood. Post assessment evaluations will be provided by the City and discussions initiated on how the neighborhood will continue the improvement efforts.

For additional information please contact the Neighborhood Services Department at 903-531-1303.

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