Homeowner Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program

Funds are available to assist eligible low-income homeowners with bringing existing substandard housing units into compliance with local housing and building codes. The primary purpose of the program is to assist in the removal of code violations and improve through rehabilitation efforts the long term, structurally sound housing stock of the City rather than to assist houses which will continue to be substandard following the infusion of program funds. Assistance will be available in annually designated targeted areas. Projects with repairs in excess of $10,000 will have a 10-year lien placed on the property with the lien requirements as described below.  

Projects where the costs of all of the necessary repairs exceed the project budget and projects judged structurally and/or financially infeasible for rehabilitation will also be considered for Reconstruction. Reconstruction involves the demolition of the existing substandard dwelling and the rebuilding of the dwelling unit on the same location as the original structure.   

All Reconstruction projects will have a 10-year lien placed on the property with the lien requirements. For additional program information, please contact Cortez Williams, Rehab Project Specialist, at (903) 531-1303. 

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