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As a means to enable housing choice and mobility to encourage social and economic integration, the HCV program offers voucher portability; that is, the ability of a voucher holder to use the voucher assistance outside the jurisdiction of the PHA that initially issues the family it's voucher.

The receiving PHA has the choice of billing the initial PHA for assistance on behalf of the porting family or absorbing the family into it's own program. Tyler Housing Agency is currently BILLING.

        Current Administrative fee is $40.19                             Agency Code TX456


If you are requesting to port to Tyler Housing, your current case worker will need to send your paperwork to:

Neighborhood Services 

900 W. Gentry Parkway Tyler Texas 75702

 Attention to: Kyrstal Duran (

Crystal Session (

Ph: 903-531-1309

Fax: 903-531-1333







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