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On Jan. 9 at their regularly scheduled meeting, the Tyler City Council heard a presentation about Tyler’s comprehensive plan five-year update.  The plan, which was referred to as Tyler 21, has been renamed Tyler 1st.

“With this update, we thought it was a good time to rebrand the plan with a name that better reflects Tyler,” said City Planner Heather Nick.  “Tyler is first in so many ways that we felt it was very apropos. Also, the Tyler 1st name demonstrates how committed we all are to our community.”

The comprehensive plan was originally adopted by the City Council on Nov. 14, 2007 after nearly 18 months of community involvement and input.  This 20-year plan created a strategic framework for future actions for the City and is a community-based plan. It defines a vision for the future linked to overall goals and policies, and it contains strategies and action items for achieving the goals.

The plan calls for annual reports to City Council on the status of implementation as well as a comprehensive review every three to five years to revisit the vision, goals and principles. 


“This month we will launch a comprehensive five-year review of the plan,” said City Planner Heather Nick.  “We have already begun preliminary work and analysis and are eager to involve the community in updating the plan.”


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As part of the Tyler 1st process the plan’s vision, principles and goals will be revisited. A steering committee has been formed and will meet for the first time on Jan. 30. Other planning deadlines include:

·         Vision and goals presented to Council – by May 2013

·         Steering Committee meetings held – February through November 2013

·         Draft plan presented to Steering Committee – by January 2014

·         Draft plan presented to the Planning Commission – by March 2014

·         Final plan to be presented to City Council - by April 2014.




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