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The City of Tyler's Landfill is designed to accept small amounts of household hazardous waste. Household hazardous waste, in quantities 32 ounces or less, may be disposed of as household garbage.

To avoid excessive household hazardous waste, residents are asked to use safer alternatives, purchase only amounts needed and use up the materials as intended by the manufacturer. 

Fluorescent Bulbs  should be secured in a plastic bag and placed in your garbage cart.  Compact fluorescent bulbs should be taken to Lowe's or Home Depot for recycling.  

Paint must be dried out before being placed at the curb to prevent the paint from exploding when it is compacted in the garbage truck. The paint can be dried out by pouring two quarts of Oil Dry Absorbent or Kitty Litter into a half gallon of paint. Stir the oil dry in with a stick and leave the top off to allow it to dry. When you can hold the can upside down and no paint pours out, it is ready to go in your trash. Oil dry or kitty litter is available at any grocery store, discount store or auto supply store.

Automotive, Lawnmower and Tractor batteries should be dropped off at the Tyler Recycling Center, 418 N. Bois D' Arc Ave.

Rechargeable batteries can be taken to Batteries Plus, located 4906 Broadway Ave. and recycled for a fee. Interstate Batteries located at 1847 Troup Hwy (Green Acres Shopping Center) accepts batteries of all types.

Motor oil and anti-freeze should be dropped off at the Tyler Recycling Center.