Our Tree Crew is charged with the daily maintenance of trees within the City's Right-of-Ways and Easements and perform the following tasks:

  • *Tree Trimming

                Trees overhanging the City Streets should have a minimum of 13 foot ground clearance.

  • Dead Tree Removal
    •  Tree must be in the City Right-of-Way or City easement area of a property.
    •  Must be dead or in distress as determined by the City Arborist.
    •  Must be determined to be a nuisance to public property or safety as determined by the City Arborist.


  • Removal of fallen trees and limbs from public roadways.


Please call us at 903-531-1393 or email at to report tree issues in your neighborhood.

*The City Tree Crews do not trim trees away from powerlines. Please contact Oncor at 1-888-313-4747.




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