Traffic Engineering

511 W. Locust St.
Tyler, Texas, 75702

Phone: (903)531-1201
Fax: (903)531-1259
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Mission Statement

To provide the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. Improve the quality of life for people that travel within the City of Tyler by operating and maintaining existing traffic control devices to the highest standard with available resources.

Our Values

Traffic Staff is Responsible for Roadway Safety on Public Streets

  • Manufacturing and maintaining City street signs
  • Installing and maintaining pavement markings on City streets
  • Maintaining traffic signals within the City limits
  • Analyzing and implementing traffic signal timing
  • Planning for current and future traffic control needs
  • Mitigating traffic congestion within the City limits
  • Conducting traffic safety studies
  • Ensuring street lights are installed and maintained in a timely manner
  • Providing oversite of the public school crossing guard program
  • Maintaining and policing parking meters
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