Downtown Parking
Tyler has metered parking spaces downtown  to encourage parking turnover for customers visiting businesses in the area. Parking meters are in effect from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday except designated holidays. Disabled persons and veterans properly displaying special license plates or placards may park at any metered space free of charge.


The registered owner of a vehicle by law is responsible for all parking violations committed using that vehicle regardless of who was operating the vehicle at the time.

Failure to Pay

Vehicles with outstanding parking tickets are subject to booting (vehicle held in place by a restraining device) and/or towing at the owners expense. The vehicle does not have to be in violation at the time that it is seized.

Any vehicle with one or more parking tickets outstanding for more than 30 days may be immobilized by the City of Tyler until payment is received. An additional charge of $50.00 will be added at the time the boot is put on your vehicle. Additional charges and/or penalties are assessed after a vehicle has been immobilized more than 24 hours.

To get a booted or towed vehicle released, you must come to the Court and pay all fees due.

Please remember that partial payments will not cancel a boot or tow order.

Meters are two hour maximum. All meters accept nickels, dimes and/or quarters. When time expires on a meter, a "P" will display and the number of minutes will start to count upwards and begin to flash. After hours, newer meters will display the phrase "FREE" and no coins are required.

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