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Liberty Utilities Rate Change Protest
Liberty Utilities, which provides wastewater services to nearly 3,800 Smith County residents under the names of Tall Timbers Sewer and Woodmark Sewer, has recently announced a significant rate increase that will occur over the next several months. The first rate hike will go into effect on November 1, 2016 and the second will occur on March 1, 2017. Customers of single-family residences in Tyler that are served by Liberty Utilities will see their monthly rate increase from $27.75 per month to $96.38 per month after the final increase next March. Smith County homeowners will see increases ranging from 44% to 75% next March depending on where they live.

Liberty Utilities customers, both inside the City of Tyler city limits and outside the city limits, can protest the proposed rate increase by following these instructions:

Inside City Limits Customers:
1. Download the Inside City Limits Rate Payer Protest Form - Protest Form.
2. Fill out the form completely.
3. Mail one (1) copy to the City of Tyler at:

Edward Broussard
City Manager - City of Tyler
212 N. Bonner Ave.
Tyler, TX 75702
Outside City Limits Customers:
1. Download the Outside City Limits Rate Payer Protest Form - Protest Form.
2. Fill out the form completely.
3. Mail the original and ten (10) copies (eleven total) to the Public Utility Commission at:

Filing Clerk
Public Utility Commission of Texas
1701 North Congress Avenue
P.O. Box 13326
Austin, TX 78711-3326

Payment Kiosk Now Open
In a progressive effort to give customers as many options as possible to make payments on their water utility bill, the City of Tyler Water Business Office has installed an electronic kiosk in the place of their previous drive-thru payment window. The new kiosk offers 24/7 access to water utility customers with the ability to accept check, money order, credit/debit cards and cash payments. Those choosing to pay with cash should be aware that no change will be given.

Due to the installation of the electronic payment kiosk, there has been a reversal in the flow of traffic at the drive through window. See map at right. Traffic will enter from Border Avenue and exit onto Locust Street. This will put the driver's side window against the wall of the Water Utilities building where the kiosk is mounted.

For more information, citizens may contact the Water Business Office at (903) 531-1230.

Click on the map for a larger version.

Voluntary Water Restrictions
The City of Tyler is currently under Voluntary Water Restrictions until further notice. Click here for more information, or call (903) 531-1234.
Water Utilities Administration
Gordon Mayer, P.E.
Interim Managing Dir. of Utilities and Public Works
PO Box 2039, Tyler, TX 75710
Phone: (903) 531-1234
Fax: (903) 531-1259

Lisa Crossman, P.E.
Utilities Engineer PO Box 2039, Tyler, TX 75710
Phone: (903) 531-1239
Fax: (903) 531-1259

Water Utilities Administration provides executive oversight and administrative support to all departments within the Utility so that the Utility functions as a single, cohesive operation in order to better serve our customers. It provides personnel administration and development, records management, and project planning, funding and management for all major water and sewer capital improvements. Water Utilities Administration also acts as a liaison with other City departments, as well as Federal, State and local organizations and regulatory agencies on all water and sewer issues.
Capital Improvements Program
A Capital Project is a project that helps maintain or improve a City asset, often called infrastructure. Capital projects can include:
1) new construction,
2) the purchase of new equipment,
3) the maintenance of existing equipment or
4) the expansion, renovation, or replacement of an existing facility.

Tyler Water Utilities has a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that identifies capital projects and equipment purchases for Tyler Water Utilities and provides a planning schedule for the next 10 years. Examples of TWU capital projects may include the construction of a new water line, the replacement of an existing sewer line or the purchase of a new piece of equipment for a water treatment plant.

Tyler Water Utilities is a self-funded operation. All capital projects done by Tyler Water Utilities are funded through billing revenue and/or through the sale of revenue bonds. Tyler Water Utilities does not receive money from City sales tax.

Click to download the latest copy of the Tyler Water Utilities 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan.
Department Strategic Direction
Tyler Water Utilities is dedicated to providing safe drinking water along with sanitary sewer services for the citizens of Tyler, while at the same time providing the highest level of Customer Service.
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