February 2012: Katherine Nick, Tyler Police Department


Katherine Nick, a U.S. Air Force Veteran and retired state government employee, began volunteering with the City of Tyler in 2011. She was intrigued by the opportunity to volunteer with the Tyler Police Department due to her military experience and saw it as a great way to make a meaningful impact on her community.

Ms. Nick assists the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) unit in purging old case files that can no longer be prosecuted. Nick says, “I really enjoy going through files and reading cases that are to be destroyed and checking the negatives for pictures of police officers or situations that can be archived for future use”.

These crime scene photographs she’s exposed to can often times be graphic in nature, yet she says this doesn’t bother her and only adds to her interest in the CSI process.

Even though the processing of evidence is left to the experts, she has found it fascinating to ask questions about the methods they use and to see how a real CSI forensic team differs from those that are portrayed on popular television shows. 

Her Volunteer Liaison, Sergeant Jeff Rackliff, says, “She is very engaging, personable, and a great person. She is very thorough and helps the unit accomplish assignments that are necessary to be done but that we don’t always have the time to complete”.

Thank you Katherine Nick for your dedication to the City of Tyler! Katherine Nick

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