March 2012: Bill Somogyi, Tyler Public Library


Bill Somogyi is one of the many dedicated and genuine volunteers at the Tyler Public Library. His passion for libraries runs deep, having been a member of  “Friends of the Library” in Sonoma, CA, volunteered at the library in Port Angeles, WA and now volunteers 3 days a week for the City of Tyler.

“Bill is a wonderful volunteer for the library. He is very dependable, honest, and kind.  Bill volunteers on average 12 hours per week reshelving library books. Due to his assistance, the library is able to make materials more readily available for the public to check out again,”  said Malissia Meador, Library Circulation Supervisor.

Mr. Somogyi believes the library is a blessing for the tremendous free resources it provides to the public. He loves being surround by books, discovering new authors and enjoys working with the helpful library staff.

Mr. Somogyi has had many adventures, having traveled throughout the U.S. and internationally while he worked with Bell & Howell. He also become an amateur photographer and a marathon runner. Although he jokes that the years have caught up to him, he still stays very active taking long walks throughout the City and helping his daughter around the house.

Next time you are visiting the library, take a moment to say hello to Mr. Somogyi and ask him for a good book recommendation. Thank you Mr. Somogyi for the 310 hours of service you have provided to the Tyler Public Library this year.

Bill Somogyi at the Tyler Public Library

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