May 2012: Robbie Campbell, Tyler Police Department


Robert Campbell III is a true example of the City of Tyler’s “Called to Serve Spirit.” After graduating from the Citizens Police Academy, he began volunteering for the Police Department in 2009. He currently assists fleet services to transport police vehicles to and from maintenance facilities, keeps the preventive maintenance records current, and helps with special projects like updating first aid kits in patrol cars, installing “Cool Cop” air conditioning devices, and inventorying patrol cars’ equipment and supplies. 

Mr. Campbell also works  with Sergeant Rice to collect the hard copy pawn tickets from local pawn shops for entry into the police database. His Supervisor, Elton Anderson, said, “He is always available to help the Police Department whenever we need him. Due to his volunteer service, the City receives a tremendous savings of time that would otherwise be filled by full time employees.”

He enjoys helping the Police Department be more efficient so they can put more officers on the street and do what they have been trained to do.

Mr. Campbell has also had an impressive impact on the City of Tyler having been on the Traffic Safety Board, the Disability Issues Review Board, and he was a past Chairman of the Airport Advisory Board.

He is currently the Chairman for the Neighborhood Revitalization Board and volunteers for many other organizations throughout our community. Thank you Mr. Campbell for your continued desire to give back and make the City of Tyler a better place to live!

Robbie Campbell

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