October 2011: Edith Geske, Tyler Police Department


This month’s Shining Star is Mrs. Edith Geske. She is an amazing 90-year-old lady! She has faithfully volunteered one day a week for the past four years, working in Data Management at the Tyler Police Department, volunteering between four and eight hours each week. When asked what her favorite part of volunteering was, Mrs. Geske replied, “I love people. Everyone is so nice, and it makes me feel great!”

Her job duties include purging old files, locating files for investigators and making copies for the District Attorney’s Office. Ms. Geske stated that she has been spending a lot of time shredding lately due to a lack of volunteers. Mrs. Geske is a joy to talk to and to be around. Her uplifting spirit is an inspiration to those around her. 

Her supervisor, Juanita McCoy, states, “Mrs. Geske is a faithful volunteer who knows her job and does it well.”  Ms. McCoy also advised that Mrs. Geske is lovingly known as “Machine Gun Edith,” a nickname she inherited when she attended the Citizen’s Police Academy four years ago. During the course, Mrs. Geske learned to shoot a machine gun, and she hit her mark perfectly not once, but several times.

Spending just a few minutes with this incredible woman will give you the motivation to do anything in this lifetime, and gives true meaning to the phrase “you’re only as old as you feel.” Congratulations, Edith Geske, on this achievement.  May you always be a Shining Star.

At the Citizens Police Academy

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