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Council approves construction contract for new pump station

by Julie Goodgame - March 22, 2017

Press Release
For Immediate Release
March 22, 2017

Council approves construction contract for new pump station

At the Council meeting on Wednesday, March 22, Tyler Mayor Martin Heines and the Tyler City Council awarded a construction contract to Gracon Construction, Inc. for the Golden Road Backwash Pump Station and Clearwell Baffles project for the amount of $4,435,000. 

Currently, water from the water distribution system is used as the source for filter backwash supply water. The backwash water is used to clean the rapid sand filters, which are part of the water treatment process. Once completed, the pump station, a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requirement, will pull water from the clearwells to use in the filter backwash process.

While the design of the pump station was underway, City staff identified issues relating to the clearwells, which store treated water prior to distribution in the water system. Because of the configuration of the existing piping system, the chlorine that is injected into the water before it enters the clearwells tends to exit the clearwells before it has a chance to sufficiently mix with the water inside the clearwells. 

“Because of the proximity of the work required for the clearwell baffling and the backwash supply pumps,” said Lisa Crossman, director of water utilities. “The design of the baffling system was added to the plans for the backwash supply pumps.”

This issue was also identified as an area to be addressed in the 2015 Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd, Inc. report.

“Enprotec’s review confirmed that Tyler Water Utilities has been doing an excellent job,” said Mayor Martin Heines. “The report also supported our data on improvements we needed to be making. We continue to make improvements to our water quality processes.” 

Construction is expected to begin by June and will be complete by April 2018.


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