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Parking at the airport is going automated

November 8, 2017

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Nov. 8, 2017
Parking at the airport is going automated
Paying for parking at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport (TYR) will soon be easier for travelers coming and going. Automated payment kiosks are installed and their use will be phased in incrementally at the parking exits. Customers will be able to pay for parking using a credit card or cash at the main exit and credit card at the newly opened exit by the end of November. This is not only convenience for travelers, but also an accurate picture of parking revenue for the Airport.
Other changes parking travelers can expect to see is an increase in lost parking ticket fees. At the City Council meeting on Nov. 8, Council approved a change in the fee from $10 to $50.
“The higher rate of $50 for a lost parking ticket encourages travelers to pay their parking fee rather than ‘claim’ a lost ticket,” said Davis Dickson, airport manager. “If a person parks in long-term parking for three days, they would owe $18, but could claim a lost ticket and pay less. The key is to be sure to keep the parking ticket when entering the parking lot. Then the lost ticket fee is not a factor.”
Customers with lost ticket fees will be able to receive a partial refund by contacting the Airport Administration Office and provide a travel itinerary, rental car receipt or other valid form of evidence showing their approximate length of stay at the airport.
“We are excited to offer this automated system to customers,” said Dickson. “We want to continue to improve our operations and efficiency at TYR so travelers have an easy, positive experience when visiting.”

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