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Emmett J. Scott High School | 1923-1970

Chronological Events
1923 - Opened
1970, June - Closed 

The original high school in Tyler for African Americans was established in 1888 in the old West End School building on South Herndon Avenue. It was a four-room structure that housed grades one through ten. The building burned in 1921, which caused school sessions to be held in churches within the city.

A new building was erected in 1923. The location was changed to North Border Avenue since neighbors protested rebuilding the school on South Herndon. The new school building was renamed Emmett Scott Junior High and was used for both elementary and high school grades. When W. A. Peete and T. J. Austin elementary schools were built, the small building formerly used for elementary grades became the Emmett Scott homemaking department.

In 1949, what began as a four-room school with a graduating class of four students became Emmett J. Scott High School on West Lincoln Street (now M. L. King Jr. Boulevard). The school included 26 classrooms, an administrative suite, library, cafeteria, shop, auditorium, gymnasium and band hall.

Emmett J. Scott High School closed in June 1970, through an integration order affecting all Texas public schools.



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