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City of Tyler Project Updates for the Week of April 16 and April 23

April 16, 2018

Press Release
For Immediate Release
April 16, 2018
City of Tyler Project Updates for the Week of April 16 and April 23
 Here's a look at work planned in City of Tyler for the week of April 16 and April 23, 2018. Schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions, equipment failure or other unforeseen issues. Slow down and pay attention when traveling through work zones.
Golden Road Water Treatment Plant Backwash Pump Station and Clearwell Baffles
• Location: Golden Road Water Treatment Plant
• Contractor: Gracon Construction
• Cost: $4,435,000
• Funding Source: TWU Revenue Bonds
• Traffic Impact: None anticipated
• Anticipated Construction Completion Date: September 2018
Contractor is repairing joints in Clearwell No. 1 and continuing construction on backwash pump station.
Troup Highway Booster Pump Station
• Location: Troup Highway Standpipe
• Contractor: A.E. Shull & Company
• Cost: $3,293,637
• Funding Source: TWU Revenue Bonds
• Traffic Impact: None anticipated
• Anticipated Construction Completion Date: April 2018
Startup of the pumps is scheduled to being April 24.
Well 12 and Well 17 Ground Storage Tank Rehabilitation
• Location: Well 12 on Anthony Dr. and Well 17 on Cumberland Road
• Contractor: Maguire Iron, Inc.
• Cost: $261,200
• Funding Source: TWU Revenue Bonds
• Impact to Traffic: None
• Anticipated Construction Completion Date: September 2018
Contractor is working on the storage tank at Well 12.
Runway 4/22 Rehabilitation Project 4
• Location: Tyler Pounds Field
• Contractor: SpawGlass
• Cost: $10,848,806
• Funding Source: 90% FAA Grant and 10% Half Cent Sales Tax
• Impact to traffic: None
• Anticipated Construction Completion Date: November 2018
Contractor began cement treating subgrade last week. Asphalt base is planned for late April/May. Contractor has given 45 days’ notice to enter Phase 3 of the project which includes beginning the critical work in the intersection of Runway 4/22 and 13/31. Intersection closure scheduled for May 21.
A critical Aviation Easement was acquired from David Seal for $7,300. The airport has started the appraisal process to purchase required land from Breckenridge Village.  This land is located within the runway protection zone and must be purchased to meet FAA requirements. The appraisals are scheduled to begin at the end of April.
Legacy Trails
• Location: Old Jacksonville to Cumberland Road and Gresham
• Contractor: Reynolds and Kay, Ltd.
• Cost: $4,600,000
• Funding Source: Grant/Half Cent Sales Tax (70/30 percentage split)
• Impact to Traffic: Minimal lane closures
• Anticipated Construction Completion Date: July 2019
TxDOT bids opened Nov. 7, 2017 with Reynolds and Kay being low bidder at $4.6 million dollars. Crews started on the east trail at Three Lakes Parkway and Old Jacksonville where 3,800 linear feet out of a total of 7,900 linear feet are substantially complete. Current work is primarily focused along the Oncor powerline corridor through the Oak Hollow development. The west trail is 15,000 LF and will commence once the east trail is largely complete. Construction started January 2018 and is slated for completion in Summer 2019.
Ashmore Emergency Channel Repair
• Location: Ashmore Subdivision, Old Jacksonville Highway
• Contractor: Solid Bridge Construction
• Cost: $1,737,654
• Funding Source: FEMA Grant/Half Cent Sales Tax (60/40 percentage split)
• Impact to Traffic: None
• Anticipated Construction Completion Date: Substantially complete
The project is substantially complete with only a few punch list items remaining.
Headwall Repair (Sunnybrook at Green St)
• Location: WMC Trib at Sunnybrook & Green St
• Contractor: Solid Bridge Construction
• Cost: $44,000
• Funding Source: Storm Water Utility
• Impact to Traffic: Minimal, one lane closed for two weeks at entrance
• Anticipated Construction Completion: Complete
Curb and gutter, site stabilization, and cleanup completed in early April.
Oak Creek Circle Culvert Improvements
• Location: Oak Creek Circle at Butterfield
• Contractor: TBD
• Cost:  $120,000 (est.)
• Funding Source: Storm Water Utility
• Impact to Traffic: Minimal, two homes will have limited access during daytime hours
• Anticipated Construction Completion: TBD
This is an emergency culvert replacement due to a failed pipe causing the road to cave in.  Staff is engaging a contractor to utilize materials on-hand and replace the culvert and two headwalls.  Anticipated start time is mid to late April and should take approximately six to eight weeks.
About the City of Tyler
The City of Tyler, known as the “Rose Capital of the World,” is home to approximately 115,000 residents and is the major regional center for east Texas. Approximately 250,000 people come into the city each day to work, shop, and seek medical care or attend one of our four colleges and universities.  Through conservative financial planning, we provide top-quality customer service to citizens, while paying cash for infrastructure needs and ensuring that the City’s collected revenues exceed expenditures. The City of Tyler has no tax supported debt and an AAA bond rating, a water supply that will last the next 75 years and we have landfill space to last until 2110. The City also provides residents with more than 1,000 acres of parkland which comprise 27 parks throughout Tyler. Our competitive fire protection rating is held by only 4% in the State and our Police Department is one of the first accredited in Texas. Our vision is to be the standard of performance excellence in local government. Learn more by following us on Facebook and Twitter, or by visiting us online at

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