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City approves infrastructure projects for parks, water distribution

January 10, 2019

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Jan. 9, 2018
City approves infrastructure projects for parks, water distribution
It’s time to build in Tyler!  At today’s regularly scheduled meeting, Tyler City Council approved close to $1.3 million in improvement and renovation projects for Tyler Parks. Additionally, $633,625 worth of water infrastructure projects were approved, along with $43,000 for sidewalk improvements at T.J. Austin Elementary School.
Lindsey Park will see improvements to its sewer system
Council has awarded JDR Construction, LP, to connect the sewer system from the Greenbriar Lift Station to both a nearby development and to Lindsey Park. Lindsey Park is currently on a septic system. The changeover to a sewer system will help improve bathroom facilities at the park for all users. The $340,029 cost will be split between the City and the development property owner.
“This is great to move forward,” said Mayor Heines. “This project has been talked about for almost 10 years. This is very important to do.”
Bid awarded for Fun Forest and Woldert Parks renovations
Bids for renovations at Fun Forest and Woldert Parks were opened in December with the Parks Department receiving one proposal back from Garrett and Associates General Contractors. Council approved the total bid of $929,024 to remodel bathrooms and add ramping to meet ADA requirements at Fun Forest, along with the addition of a pavilion and parking at Woldert Park.
Additionally, Council awarded a $29,911 contract to Swan Electric Service Corporation for light pole demolition and electrical light work as part of the renovation projects at Fun Forest and Woldert Parks. 
Engineering contracts awarded to Halff Associates and CT Brannon Corporation for infrastructure projects
City council approved $633,625 to Halff Associates for two different items: an engineering contract for the 2019 Water Main Improvements Project ($147,625) and an engineering services contract in conjunction with CT Brannon Corporation for the Preliminary Engineering Water System Inventory ($486,000). 
The Water Main Improvements Project will replace two-inch waterlines in streets that are in need of resurfacing in the future. Waterline work will be performed in 2019 and early 2020. The identified streets will be resurfaced in 2020 as part of the 2020 Asphalt Enhancement and Seal Coat projects.
The Preliminary Engineering Water System Inventory will be used to create a computer model of the water distribution and accomplish the determination of locations for pressure improvements. 
"Long range, the impact will be once we have a very good water distribution map, have an inventory, we begin to look at a lot of factors that will allow us to make decisions on what lines we need to replace, addressing pressure problems and even ultimately with a good water distribution model we can address some of the quality issues that we have had from time to time,” said Managing Director of Utilities and Public Works Scott Taylor.
Council awards contract for sidewalk project near elementary school
Finally, Council approved a $43,000 contract for the design, construction management and construction of sidewalks near the T.J. Austin Elementary School. The contract has been awarded to Elledge Engineering Corp. This project will be funded out of the Community Development Block Grant funds.
On Aug. 8, 2018, the City Council approved an allocation from the 2018-19 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) public facilities budget to be spent for sidewalk improvements south of T.J. Austin Elementary in the 2018 Target Area located in District 3. Staff determined that the T.J. Austin Elementary area would benefit from sidewalks on the west side of Palace from Queen to Franklin, the south side of Franklin from Palace to Moore, and the west side of Moore from Cochran to Franklin.
“This has been a project that I’ve been looking forward to for five years,” said Councilman Ed Moore. “I appreciate all the staff that has brought this forward.”
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About the #TimeToBuild Campaign
The state of our infrastructure is one of the most pressing issues we face as a community. Our jobs, quality of life, economic competitiveness and public safety are all dependent upon it. Much of Tyler’s infrastructure (streets, water systems, drainage systems and sewer systems) was installed in the early 20th century and has reached the end of its useful life. Two years ago, the Tyler City Council made a pledge to modernize and build anew our community’s infrastructure. Last year, the City of Tyler spent $20 million dollars, 13 percent of the City’s total budget, on maintenance, repair and improvements. No other city in the State of Texas can claim this achievement. The benefits of this stronger, better infrastructure system will be far-reaching and long-lasting. But we are not finished. We must build our capacity to do even more. The future does not wait, but neither do we. Today it’s #TimeToBuild!
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