Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is required by state law in a City like Tyler that has voted to apply the state Civil Service law to Tyler Police and Firefighters. The Commission acts as an appeal board to review disciplinary actions of the Fire and Police Chiefs and to decide questions on hiring and promotion tests.

The City Manager appoints the three (3) member Commission with Council Approval. The Civil Service Director (Tyler Personnel Specialist) serves as the Commission staff liaison. The Civil Service Commission meets only on call. A member can serve a maximum of three (3) consecutive, three (3) year terms.

The Commission acts to:

1. Review, adopt and amend Civil Service Rules.

2. Review and approve department rules.

3. Hear appeals from examinations.

4. Hear appeals from disciplinary action.

Click here to view current Civil Service Rules.

(Please refer to Sec. 3-31 of the City of Tyler Code and State Law Local Government Code Chapter 143 for further details on the Civil Service Commission.)

Commission Members
Place Name Term
1 Stuart Hene 2016-2021
2 Lee Correa 2018-2019
3 Steve Brown 2017-2020


Staff Liaison: Rose Ray

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