Parks Board

The City of Tyler Park Board is composed of nine (9) appointed members. The Park Board shall act in any advisory capacity, to which may be referred any matters pertaining to the operation and maintenance of all the City parks and cemeteries, and shall make recommendations to the City Manager and City Council with reference to the operation and maintenance of the public parks in the City, as well as for the extension of park areas and acquisition of new park sites.

The Board may provide for entertainment and recreation in the public parks of any kind deemed fit and proper by it. The operation and maintenance of any recreation and amusement facilities under the direction of the Park Board or City Council shall be deemed done in pursuit of the general prosperity, convenience, health and recreation of the people, and shall be deemed and considered to be done in the governmental capacity of the City and not in its proprietary capacity.

The Park Board shall, before the City Council makes its annual budget, each year prepare and submit to the governing body its recommendations concerning extension and improvement of the public park property, as well as recommendations, for the acquisition of additional park sites within or without the City.


Board Members
Place Name Term


Michael Ballew 2013-2015


William "Bill" McKenzie 2009-2015


Lacy Patterson 2013-2015


Sandy Shepard 2014-2016


Keith McCoy 2010-2016


Neal Katz 2014-2016


John Adkins (CHAIR) 2009-2015


Chad Humphries 2013-2015


Stuart Hene 2014-2016


Staff liaison: Stephanie Rollings

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