2016 Tax Rate Survey

The City of Tyler property tax rate continues to be the lowest among all Texas mid-to large-sized cities, according to an annual survey by the Texas Municipal League.

The current survey included tax information from 591 Texas cities. The highest tax rate in the survey was $1.26 per $100 valuation charged by Spur, a city of 1,318 residents. In comparison, Tyler's property tax rate is only 23.00 cents, making it the lowest among Texas mid- and large-sized cities. Only a handful of the state's smallest cities, with populations of 15,000 or less, reported having tax rates lower than Tyler's.

Tyler's tax rate was once 53 cents and has dropped a few cents each year since 1995. The downward trend can be attributed to the City's Blueprint plan for operating municipal government more efficiently.

The City's team of hard working employees are dedicated to the Blueprint and continuously look for new, better, more cost effective ways to operate.


Tax Rates for Similar Sized Cities
City Population Tax Rate*
San Angelo 98,975 77
College Station 103,483


Pearland 108,800 70
Round Rock 112,744 41
Beaumont 118,548 68
Midland 128,037 38


*Cents per $100.00 property valuation

The survey is published annually in the Texas Town and City Magazine. Click here to view the entire 2016 TML survey.


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