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COA Process

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COA Process

Certificate of Appropriateness for Rehabilitation or a Certificate of Demolition is required prior to construction, reconstruction, alteration, removal or demolition of any exterior architectural feature of a building or structure designated as a historic landmark, located within a local or national district, or structures 50 years or older where federal funding is involved.

Apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness or a Certificate of Demolition prior to submitting a building permit.

Find out if your property is within a National Historic District by visiting the online Property Search Viewer.

Download the application here:
Certificate of Appropriateness Application

Click the image or hyperlink below to access the Viewer: www.smithcountymapsite.org

screen shot of the Smith County map website


Using the Viewer:

Locate and click Property Search on the left side of screen.
Use the zoom tool to zoom-in to your property location or click Property Search on right side of Viewer
Search by address
See search results on the bottom of Viewer Screen
Click on the Account hyperlink to zoom-in to your property
Click Data layers (next to Property Search)
Click Layer Control
Scroll about half-way down and check Historical Districts under the City of Tyler heading
Redraw map using the Redraw button located on left side of Viewer

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 2039, Tyler, TX, 75710
(903) 531-1100

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