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Hello Team:

The Human Resource department would like to thank you for your calls in regards to recent issues you may have experienced when filling a prescription or visiting your dentist.  The information that you have provided has helped tremendously in getting the problems resolved.  We want to assure you that the HR team is working diligently with our vendors to straighten out the kinks.  Several issues happened with the transferring of data from one vendor to the other.  Healthcare Highways is working hard to get that corrected immediately.  They have assured us that their team will be working through the night on this fix.  For urgent member issues you may contact Healthcare Highways at or 844-636-7506. It is our hope that all will be updated tonight. Below you will find a list of issues that have been reported to us and their solutions:

 My pharmacy stated that I have $1,000 deductible (or any level deductible).”  

The City of Tyler does not have a deductible attached to prescription drugs.  The local vendors have been confusing the City’s Plan with the County’s Plan.  Be sure to tell them that the City of Tyler and Smith County are different and that you work for the City of Tyler.

My prescription drug was denied a refill.”

Please ask the pharmacy to call  Healthcare Highways to do a manual certification.  The number to call is 844-636-7506.  If your prescription is no longer on the formulary you will be able to continue to get your prescription until 12:01 am on April 1, 2017.  Please contact Healthcare Highways or your doctor to make arrangements.

I was charged a copay for my prescription.”

Some individuals may have participated in the pilot Tria Health program.  As a part of that program there were opportunities for copay forgiveness.  This program is no longer available and everyone is subject to the copay tiers.  They are as follows:

  Prescription Drug Benefits


   Retail Copays



$70 / 100%

      Name Brand

$60 / 100%

      Preferred Brand

$45 / 100%


$8 / 100%

  Mail Order Copay


  Up to 90 Day Supply Max

2 Copays

My dentist is not covered by the new dental plan.”

All dentist are covered and can submit their claims.  There is no change in the dental plans.  Additional discount opportunities are available if your dentist has a contract with Delta Dental, but it is not a requirement for your dentist to be a contracted dentist.  You can use your current dentist.

Please continue to contact us regarding your issues so that we may continue to work with the vendors towards a resolution.

Human Resource Values

HR proposes, implements, and administers policies and programs that support the City's objectives; identifies and corrects current personnel policies, programs, and practices which create barriers for a productive work environment; and ensures that the personnel systems of the City are consistent with legal requirements.

We strive for excellence and efficiency in all aspects of our work, with special emphasis on providing prompt responses and personal attention to employee requests and to the needs of City's Department Leaders/Managers. We work closely with City's Department Leaders/Managers as we implement programs that impact their departments.

Working as a team will enable us to improve productivity, cut personnel costs, and retain Blueprint quality employees for the City of Tyler.

Human Resources

Mission Statement


The City of Tyler Human Resource team envisions being successful in providing our customers (citizens and employees) with professional and personable service.

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