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Successful 6x6@110 Features 800+ Canvases

Gallery Main Street concluded another successful 6x6@110 fundraising exhibit in late June. The Fifth Annual 6x6@110 featured 864 works by hundreds of participants.

The award-winning project began as a fundraiser to help support Gallery Main Street and arts programming in the downtown area.

“Though we are a City of Tyler department, we do have to fundraise a good portion of our operational budget,” Abell said. “We feel 6x6@110 is an excellent way to engage artists and the public in that mission while still furthering the arts downtown as well.”

 The popular 6x6 project began several years ago when an artist shared the idea with Main Street staff. The idea seemed to fit numerous goals of the gallery, so it was adopted...and has grown every year in terms of participation, popularity and financial success.

The 6x6 project begins around March every year, when 6"x6" canvases are distributed, and painting parties are established at local businesses and the gallery.

“We invite artists and members of the public to join us at these parties to create canvases that we will sell for $20 each to help raise funds for operation of Gallery Main Street, as well as its arts programming,” Abell said. Part of the Main Street Department’s mission is to operate the gallery as well as programming such as gallery exhibits, public art and arts workshops. Abell noted that though the parties are primarily geared toward adults, those under 18 may participate with one canvas each. There is no cost to participate.

The project marked its sixth anniversary in 2016 and has the distinction of receiving the Best Promotional Event award from the Texas Downtown Association. Opening date and time are always June 6 at 6 p.m.

Special credit for the success of 6x6@110 is project chairman Dace Lucia Kidd, a local artist who donates many hours of her time to see the project through.

A Time-Lapse Look at 6x6@110
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