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Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control
Best Management Practices (BMPs) in this category are designed to address storm water runoff from construction sites that are 1 acre or larger. Construction site operators are required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to develop a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and comply with regulations contained in the Construction General Permit. The City has implemented ordinances and procedures to ensure that construction site operators comply with State regulations.

Tyler's Storm Water Management Program contains five BMPs in the Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control category including:
  • C-1 : Enforce Erosion Control Ordinance
  • C-2 : Erosion Control Plan Review Procedures
  • C-3 : Construction Site Inspection
  • C-4 : Construction General Permit Training
  • C-5 : Storm Water Hotline for Public Comment

Often construction of a site begins with the removal of vegetation and grading of the site in preparation for building. In the case of subdivision development, large areas of bare soil may be exposed to rain during the construction phase. The lack of ground cover makes these sites especially vulnerable to soil erosion. Sediment laden water may be washed off-site and into lakes and streams making the water cloudy. Besides poor visibility, the sediment prevents sunlight from reaching aquatic plants and smothers bottom-dwelling insects and fish.
Construction site