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Pollution Prevention / Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations

Best Management Practices (BMP's) in this category are designed to minimize negative impacts to water quality by minimizing stormwater pollution resulting from runoff from municipal and household operations.  These outreach activities will address a wide range of audiences across each City department, as well as the general public.

Tyler's Stormwater Management Program contains fourteen BMP's in the Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations category including:

  • GH-1 : Stormwater Pollution Prevention Training
  • GH-2 : Used Tire and Battery Recycling
  • GH-3 : Vehicle Washing
  • GH-4 : Vehicle Refueling
  • GH-5 : Landscape and Lawn Care
  • GH-6 : Roadway Cleaning
  • GH-7 : Storm Sewer System Operation and Maintenance
  • GH-8 : Facility Specific SOPs
  • GH-9 : Used Oil Collection and Recycling
  • GH-10 : Airport Operations
  • GH-11 : Facilities and Control Inventory
  • GH-12 : Municipal Operation and Maintenance Activities
  • GH-13 : Contractor Oversight
  • GH-14 : Good Housekeeping Cleanup

Numerous studies have documented that a considerable amount of pollution through stormwater runoff can be attributed to poor housekeeping practices.  Stormwater that is allowed to run across areas of exposed stockpiled materials and debris containing chemicals and hazardous waste is a real concern.  Stormwater pollution is also a concern when the general public and municipal systems are performing preventive maintenance activities such as washing vehicles and distributing chemicals for lawn care.

Chemical storage container