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Public Education, Outreach and Involvement

Best Management Practices (BMP's) in this category are designed to educate the public about the ways stormwater can impact our water quality, hazards associated with illegal discharges, and steps that Tyler’s citizens can take to reduce pollutants in our stormwater runoff.  These outreach activities will address a wide range of audiences including residents, visitors to our city, public service employees, local businesses, commercial and industrial facilities, and construction site personnel. Tyler's Stormwater Management Program contains eight (8) BMP's in the Public Education, Outreach and Involvement category including:

  • PE/PI-1 : Utility Bill Inserts
  • PE/PI-2 : Stormwater Brochures
  • PE/PI-3 : Stormwater Web Site
  • PE/PI-4 : Public Service Announcements & Social Media
  • PE/PI-5 : School Take-Home Folders
  • PE/PI-6 : Storm Drain Marking by City Staff
  • PE/PI-7 : Stream Cleanup Projects
  • PE/PI-8 : Facility Tours
  • PE/PI-9 : Adopt-a-Street, -Park or -Spot

The City’s program will use a variety of print, web, and social, radio, and television media to reach a broad audience with a range of topics.  BMP's such as social media typically convey concise messages to reinforce an idea and/or refer citizens to other available materials, such as brochures and this web site where they can find more detailed information.  One of our BMP's, School Take-Home Folders, was selected specifically for school aged children.  All of our BMP's were developed to work together as an integrated Public Education, Outreach, and Involvement program.

Classroom setting

Stream cleanup