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“Your Brain – An Entry-Level Owner’s Guide”

Neuroscience nurse and educator Janice Mink looks into some of the common misconceptions of brain function and explores the surprising things we need to do to promote brain health.

Run time:  31 m 26 s


“Alzheimer’s – What You Can Do”

Alzheimer’s Alliance representative Jamie Huff reviews this dreaded disease and explores options for those affected and their caregivers.

Run time:  21 m 57 s


“The Promise of Integrated Care”

UTNE Dr. Carolyn Harvey brings her extensive knowledge, passion and good spirit to a review of the new landscape of integrated medicine.

Run time:  26 m 52 s



Internationally recognized neuroscience researcher Dr. Dennis Combs provides a revealing discussion of this often difficult disease.

Run time:  37 m 21 s



Neuropsychologist Dr. Tina Lloyd explores the many layers of what is one of the most common and debilitating diseases on the planet.

Run time:  35 m 10 s


"Human Trafficking"

A multi-agency roundtable discussion of human sex trafficking.


“PTSD – Hope and Healing”

Psychiatrist and author Dr. Anne Redelfs explores the many complexities of PTSD in this in-depth and fascinating interview.

Run time:  41 m 10 s

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