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About Tyler Transit
  1. Radios, CD players, and other personal audio/entertainment devices may be used only with earphones.
  2. For the comfort of other passengers, food and beverages are not allowed.
  3. Engaging in loud, offensive, or disruptive conversation or behavior, including profane or rude language, religious or political views is not allowed.
  4. No begging or soliciting for any reason.
  5. Deposit your fare directly into the farebox. Operators are not allowed to handle fares.
  6. Passes cannot be shared. If passengers are caught sharring a pass, the pass can be taken and destroyed.
  7. Smoking in Tyler Transit buses and bus stops in prohibited by State Law Section 48.01 (and carries up to a $200 fine). Dipping or chewing of tobacco is not allowed on the bus.
  8. Strollers must be folded prior to boarding the bus and stowed under the seat.
  9. Stow boxes and parcels under the seat. Keep aisles clear. You cannot possess or transport any flammable liquid, combustible material, or other dangerous substance (gasoline, karosene, propane, car batteries, etc.).
  10. Keep the seats next to you clear of your belongings so other passengers can have a seat.
  11. If you must stand, please hold onto the the hand rails or seat backs.
  12. For your safety, do not stand in the stairwells or in front of the yellow line by the farebox.
  13. Allow others to exit before boarding.
  14. You may bring pets aboard Tyler Transit if your pet is in a cage. Service animals are welcome.
  15. No shirt, no shoes, no service.
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