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Lake Tyler was constructed in 1949 and covers approximately 2,400 surface acres. This lake has served as a major water supply source since its construction. Lake Tyler also serves as a major recreation center for this area, under strict sanitary controls. The City maintains six recreational areas adjacent to Lake Tyler and Lake Tyler East. Lake Tyler is located on Prairie Creek, a tributary of Mud Creek, and lies in the Angelina River watershed. It has a storage capacity of over 15 billion gallons (46,000 acre feet) at spillway elevation and has an average depth of 17.6 feet. It has a watershed area of 42 square miles.

Lake Tyler East was completed and the dam closed in 1967. The lake was filled to capacity in 1968 and is connected to Lake Tyler by a connecting channel. This channel, in effect, forms one lake with Lake Tyler from the standpoint of water supply. Lake Tyler East has a surface area of approximately 2,500 acres, a watershed area of 62 square miles and an average depth of 16.5 feet. The lake has slightly less storage area than Lake Tyler. The two lakes have a combined safe yield of approximately 30 million gallons per day (mgd). Lake Tyler East is located on Mud Creek and lies in the Angelina River watershed. Recreational use of this lake is the same as for Lake Tyler.
Operational Data
Presented below are graphs showing the annual water production figures, both in volume (thousand gallons) and percent of total produced (%), for the Golden Road Water Treatment Plant (Lake Tyler / Lake Tyler East), Lake Palestine Water Treatment Plant (Lake Palestine) and the City’s 11 water production wells over the past ten years.

Also presented below is a graph that illustrates the annual high and low water elevations for Lake Tyler and Lake Tyler East as compared to the normal pool elevation of 375.5 feet, as well as the annual rainfall totals as measured at the Lake Tyler Maintenance Complex.

Annual Production of
Water by Volume
Water Production by Volume

Annual Production of
Water by Percent
Water Production by Percent

Lake Elevation
vs Rainfall
Lake Elevation versus Rainfall

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Following adoption of the Lake Tyler Master Plan and since November 2011, construction on City-owned (leased) property on Lake Tyler, as well as construction over the water and within marginal lands on Lake Tyler East, requires permitting through the City of Tyler Building Services Department. The permitting process begins with an application to Building Services located at 423 W. Ferguson, Tyler, Texas and requires both a Lake Tyler / Lake Tyler East Approval for Construction Form as well as the appropriate Building Permit Application Form. Both forms are conveniently available in the Building Services office and are available for download here.

All construction must comply with requirements of the City of Tyler Code of Ordinances Chapter 19, Article VI and the City of Tyler Building Codes, Chapter 6, Article I. A link to the Code of Ordinances can be found in the Documents / Forms section on this page (right).

For more information, please contact Building Services at (903) 531-1151 or visit their website.
Rules and Regulations
The rules and regulations for Lake Tyler / Lake Tyler East are outlined in Chapter 19, Article VI of the City of Tyler Code of Ordinances. A link to the Code of Ordinances can be found in the Documents / Forms section on this page (top right).

Use the folder system on the left side of the screen to navigate to Chapter 19, or use the search form and type in your such term, such as Lake Tyler, boating, fishing, camping, concessions, dams, barges, etc. to find the articles you are interested in.
Lake Tyler East Residents
The City of Tyler does not own the residential lots surrounding Lake Tyler East. However, the City of Tyler does own a sanitary control easement that extends 100 feet back of the 378' elevation line and does have a responsibility to monitor and maintain the water quality of the lake. Therefore, the Smith County Court provided a ruling on the responsibility of the City, as well as the responsibilities of the property owners surrounding Lake Tyler East, so that the City can fulfill its responsibilities.

In the Documents / Forms section of this page, there is a link to the Smith County Court document, commonly referred to as "Exhibit B", that is applicable to all property owners with lakefront property on Lake Tyler East. Property owners on Lake Tyler East should pay particular attention to Paragraph (u) which specifies the requirements to register the property in their name with the City of Tyler. A Lake Tyler East Registration Form is also provided in the Documents / Forms section of this page.
Lake Tyler Lot Transfers
In accordance with City of Tyler Code of Ordinances, all transfers of leases, including transfers to heirs, must be approved by the City of Tyler. All requests for lease transfers or Consent to Mortgage must be made in writing, using the Document Request provided in the Documents / Forms section on this page.

If the actual current lessee does not match the City's record of current lessee, then it is up to the Requestor to provide documentation showing the chain of transfers. Transfer documents and related fees will be required for each interim transfer to bring the City's records up to date.

The fee schedule is as follows:
  • Consent to Mortgage - $75.00 per each
  • Lease Transfer - $75.00 per each
  • Lease Addendum - $75.00 per each
  • Filing Fee (if filed by City) - $25.00 per each

For questions, please call Lisa Crossman at (903) 531-1239.

To make a Water Bill or Lake Tyler Lease payment, please click here:

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