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Civil Service Commission Hearing



Monday, June 8, 2020

3 p.m.

City Hall, Council Chambers

212 N. Bonner Ave.

Tyler, Texas


Due to the current Coronavirus COVID-19 public health emergency, a teleconference meeting of the Civil Service Commission is being conducted instead of a meeting providing for physical access to the public. Members of the public may participate by viewing the meeting live and by calling with comments to (903) 363-0651.

You may review the agenda by visiting:

Follow live on Microsoft Teams at:

You may call the meeting at (903)363-0651.  You will be placed on hold until your item comes up for public comment.  You will be unable to hear the meeting while on hold.

(There is no need to download Microsoft Teams, simply choose “use the web” option.)


Please call (903) 363-0600 if you need assistance with interpretation or translation for this City meeting.


Si usted necesita ayuda con la interpretación o traducción de cualquier material en este sitio o en una reunión pública de la Ciudad de Tyler por favor llame al (903) 363-0600.



                                   AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT NOTICE

The City of Tyler wants to ensure that City meetings are accessible to persons with disabilities. If any individual needs special assistance or accommodations in order to attend this board meeting please contact the Human Resources at (903) 363-0600 in advance so accommodations can be made.


        I.      Call meeting to order.

     II.      Conduct a roll call and establish a quorum.

  III.      Consider approval of Minutes from the Civil Service Commission meeting held on March 9, 2020.

  IV.      Review and consider appeal questions number 29, 33 and 68 from the Fire Promotional Examination for Driver/Engineer given on April 16, 2020.

    V.      Request that the Civil Service Commission consider amending Local Rule 023 of the Tyler Firefighters’ and Police Officers’ Civil Service Commission Regulations relating to Eligibility for Beginning Civil Service Positions, by amending and updating Eligibility Requirements for Police Officers regarding full-time certified peace officer employment with a law enforcement agency.

  VI.      Request that a psychiatrist or psychologist be chosen and appointed by the Commission pursuant to Texas Local Government Code 143.081(c). 

VII.      Request an Order from the Commission to further evaluate an employee concerning their mental fitness for duty. 

VIII.      Adjourn




As allowed by the Texas Open Meetings Law, Texas Government Code Chapter 551, the Commission may consider the following:

            -under section 551.074 “Personnel” deliberation regarding the evaluation of the appellants’ requests regarding the promotion exam questions.

            -under section 551.074 (a)(1) to deliberate the evaluation of a public officer or employee.





Rose A. Ray, Civil Service Director

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