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Report Graffiti

Tyler Against Graffiti
To report graffiti please call (903) 535-TAG2 or email LRobinette@TylerTexas.com.

Leave a detailed message with the location, block number and street. The graffiti will be cleaned within 72 hours, weather permitting. Studies show that immediate removal results in a nearly zero rate of reoccurrence.

Graffiti Hurts® - Care for Your Community is a grassroots community education program developed in 1996 by Keep America Beautiful , Inc. through a grant from The Sherwin-Williams Company. Visit www.graffitihurts.com for more information.
Tips to Prevent Graffiti
1. Upkeep

Make every effort to keep the appearance of a facility clean and neat.

2. Control Access

Incorporate shrubs, thorny plants, and vines to restrict vandal access Add or improve lighting around the building to promote natural surveillance Use fences, controlled entrance and exits, rails, and other barriers that discourage through traffic Limit access to roofs by moving dumpsters away from walls and covering drainpipes to prevent vandals from scaling them

3. Step Up Security

Install a security camera Organize a “Business Watch” with nearby merchants to look out for one another Businesses may want to employ security personnel to monitor the property Don’t allow an area that permits graffiti Employ graffiti resistant materials or coatings on a chronically hit wall

4. Work with the Community

Create a community paint brush mural on a chronically hit wall Print graffiti prevention messages on bags, sales flyers, tray liners, book covers, calendars, and other promotional items
Work with other merchants to organize and contribute to a “paint bank.” Paints, rollers, brushes, and other equipment from the bank are “borrowed” as needed; Ensure safe and environmentally appropriate storage of paint Refrain from using graffiti images in ads or promoting graffiti in any way

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 2039, Tyler, TX, 75710
(903) 531-1100

Dial 2-1-1 to access the health and social services available to East Texans.