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Used Auto Buyers Beware

April 25, 2019

Used Auto Buyers Beware

The East Texas Auto Theft Task Force is warning citizens due to a recent increase of victims who were unaware that they had purchased a used stolen vehicle that was posted on Social Media.  The suspects will have you travel to the Houston or Dallas area to complete the cash sale where the vehicle was originally stolen from. 

The suspects are predominately targeting the Hispanic community by posting vehicles on-line in Spanish and Spanish Web sites.  The vehicles listed to be sold are extremely below market value to attract buyers. 

The seller(s) (suspects) will have the buyer meet them in Houston or Dallas where they will complete the transaction to sell the vehicle that is actually stolen.  The seller will provide a fictitious title that appears to be legitimate to the buyer and uses fictitious paper driver’s license to match the title.  The seller requires cash to purchase the vehicle.  When the buyer returns home to register the vehicle, they are informed that the vehicle is stolen and law enforcement is contacted.

“The one common trend in all sales that should be a “red flag’ to buyers, the vehicles are being sold for well below the market value” says investigator Gary King with the East Texas Auto Task Force.

Tips to buyers:

1) Only agree to purchase the vehicle at a local police station parking lot.
2) Take photo of seller with phone.
3) Check and verify (VIN) Vehicle Identification Number before sale.

If they don’t agree to these steps “NO DEAL”

Also if they agree to the terms have them drive to your town so that you won’t make a wasted trip, because they will more than likely not be there to meet you. 


Public Information Officer
Don Martin
Tyler Police Department
Cell Phone – 903-521-0404
Office – 903-531-1072

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