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Residents urged to use caution at Rose Rudman and Faulkner Park trails

May 14, 2019

Press Release
For Immediate Release
May 14, 2019
Residents urged to use caution at Rose Rudman and Faulkner Park trails
The heavy rainfall we experienced last week caused erosion in some parts of the City’s walking and biking trails. Two specific trails were affected: the Rose Rudman Trail and the Faulkner Park Trails. 

A temporary reflective barrier has been placed at Rose Rudman where the ground around the West Mud Creek collapsed, south of Southside Park. Similarly, the bridge that crosses West Mud Creek at Faulkner Park has been closed with a barricade. The City of Tyler’s Parks and Recreation department advices trail users to use caution and to avoid crossing all bridges at the Faulkner Park trails. We ask trail users to not ignore or cross the barriers and barricades.
To report downed limbs and other storm damage or for more information, please contact the Parks and Recreation department at (903) 531-1370 or (903) 531-1371.
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About the Tyler Parks and Recreation 
The Parks and Recreation Department provides oversight for the City’s open spaces, athletic complexes and recreation ally oriented programs for the use of all citizens. Staff members diligently maintain a proactive maintenance program for over 26 park areas including oversight of maintenance activities on 23 playgrounds, traffic islands and medians, landscaping at City buildings and cemeteries and the downtown square. They also provide for the propagation of seasonal and perennial plant materials utilized in the Parks beautification programs, as well as the maintenance of over worth of trees in the Parks system. The mission of the Tyler Parks and Recreation Department is to improve the quality of life for our citizens and guests by providing superior parks, cemeteries, recreational and tourism opportunities. Our vision is to provide residents and visitors with attractive outdoor spaces that are well maintained while continuing to be fiscally responsible. Learn more at 

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