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  • How many animals can I have in the City of Tyler?

    It is unlawful for any household to own or keep more than four (4) dogs or four (4) cats or any combination thereof upon any private premises within the City limits subject to the following exceptions:
          1.   Veterinary clinic, animal hospital, or similar facility;
          2.   Animal shelter or adoption facility;
          3.   A kennel;
          4.   A pet shop;
          5.   Research institution;
          6.   Qualified researcher;
          7.   Performing animal exhibition; or
          8.   Litters up to twelve (12) weeks old.
    No hogs nor swine may be kept within City limits.

  • Can you have chickens in the city?

    It is unlawful to own, keep, or harbor any fowl (means any heavy bodied, terrestrial bird of the order Galliformes, including but not limited to chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, turkeys, grouse, guineas, or other common domestic fowl, but not including caged pet birds kept inside a building) within the City limits except as follows:
          1.   In an area zoned AG, no more than six (6) fowl may be kept per acre. In all other zoning districts, no more than six (6) fowl may be kept per household regardless of lot size;
          2.   All fowl kept under this section shall be confined in a pen, coop, or other structure sufficient to prevent their escape;
          3.   Every such pen, coop or other structure required for the confinement of fowl under this section shall be located at least fifty (50) feet distant from any property line.

  • Does the City of Tyler have a leash law ordinance?

    Yes. All dogs, livestock, fowl, or dangerous wild animals running astray within the City limits or within five thousand (5,000) feet thereof are hereby declared a public nuisance. It is unlawful for any person, without regard to mental state, to suffer or permit any animal to run astray within the City limits or within five thousand (5,000) feet thereof. Each subsequent violation involving the same animal or owner shall result in a higher minimum fine.

  • Who handles barking dog complaints?

    Barking dog complaints fall under the noise ordinances and are handled by the Tyler Police Department. Please contact them at their non-emergency number (903) 531-1000.

  • Does Animal Services spay and neuter pets?

    Only the animals that are being adopted from Tyler Animal Services are spayed or neutered. These services are not offered to the public and their pets.

  • What is the requirement for rabies vaccinations for domestic animals in the city of Tyler?

    All dogs and cats within the City limits must be vaccinated against rabies by the time the animal is four (4) months of age and at regular three year intervals thereafter, and the owner must obtain some sort of proof confirming that vaccination.

  • Does Tyler Animal Services trap nuisance animals?

    Yes, please call (903) 535-0045 to discuss options for trapping.