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It is part of the City of Tyler Code of Ordinance that all dogs and cats within the City limits must be vaccinated against rabies by the time the animal is four (4) months of age and at regular three (3) year intervals thereafter, and the owner must obtain some sort of proof confirming that vaccination.

Tyler Animal Control hosts an annual Rabies Clinic in April. For more information, contact Tyler Animal Control at (903) 535-0045.

Danger to humans:

Humans can be infected with the rabies virus if they are bitten by an animal that has the disease. It is also possible to get rabies if the saliva from a rabid animal gets in your eyes, nose, mouth or open wounds. A common way for this to happen is if the person gets saliva on their fingers and then touch their face.

If you have such contact with a rabid animal, please visit a doctor, urgent care or emergency room. Only a series of injections (shots) can keep you from getting the disease. For this treatment to work well, it must be given soon after contact with the rabid animal.

For more information, visit the Texas Department of State Health Services Rabies Surveillance webpage.