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Disabilities Issues Review Board

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The Disability Issues Review Board Shall be composed of no more than seven (7) interested residents of the City. Appointees shall be interested in some phase of service to the persons who are physically, emotionally or mentally disabled. The chairperson or vice-chairperson, at his or her discretion, may appoint subcommittees and each subcommittee will select its chairperson as necessary. The City's Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator will serve as the departmental liaison between the Board and the City Council.

The objectives and functions of the Disability Issues Review Board include the following:

  1. To promote better community and employer understanding and active cooperation and support for furthering employment opportunities for person with disabilities;
  2. To promote increased employment of workers with disabilities on a year-round basis and to encourage retention and advancement of those disabled workers already employed by planning and implementing related activities and emphasizing the needs of the disabled;
  3. To develop, implement, or otherwise support the better understanding by persons with disabilities of rehabilitation, training and placement services available to them and to encourage the use of those services;
  4. To remove all architectural barriers;
  5. In its capacity as City board, to make recommendations to and/or advise the City Council as related to employment, accessibility and educational issues of importance to disabled persons and to the community.

(Please refer to Sec. 1-90 and 1-91 of the City of Tyler Code of Ordinances for additional information on the Disability Issues Review Board.)

Board Members

  1. Dorinda Henderson Williams, 2016-2020
  2. Kara Sharman, 2020-2021
  3. Juanita Fletcher, 2017-2021
  4. Amanda Storer, 2017-2020
  5. Michael Cichowicz, 2016-2020
  6. Vacant
  7. Vacant
  • Staff Liaison: Patricia Peralta