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Health Facilities Development Corp.

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Pursuant to State law, the City Council has determined that it is in the public interest and to the benefit of the residents of Tyler and Texas that the Tyler Health Facilities Development Corporation be created to promote and develop new, expanded, or improved health facilities to assist the maintenance of the public health and welfare and, as evidence of such, approved the Articles of Incorporation by Resolution on July 20, 1982. The Tyler Health Facilities Development Corporation shall continue to exercise the powers granted by State law until such time as it is dissolved. (Ord. No. 0-98-21; 3/18/98)

Board Members

  1. Karen Dickerson, 2017-2019
  2. John Allen Bell, 2016-2020
  3. Mark Walling, 2013-2019
  4. Russell Patterson, 2016-2020
  5. Price Simmons, 2017-2019
  6. Bill Clawater, 2012-2018
  7. John Garrett, 2012-2018
  8. Jason Sobel, 2017-2019
  9. Gary Halbrook, 2017-2019
  10. James C. Wynne III, 2012-2018
  • Staff Liaison: Patrick Bell