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Prohibited Signs:

All signs not expressly permitted under this code or exempt from regulation hereunder in accordance with the previous section are prohibited in the city. Such signs include, but are not limited to:

  • Beacons;
  • Portable signs;
  • Inflatable signs and balloons, if located within a multi-family or non-residential district;
  • Flashing, fluttering, undulating, swinging, rotating, or otherwise moving signs;
  • Signs, temporary or otherwise, affixed to a tree or utility pole;
  • Signs violating the "sight triangle" provisions (see Sec. 10-218);
  • Off premise advertising signs, except as expressly permitted in this Section;
  • Three-dimensional or statuary signs;
  • Streamers; and
  • Snipe signs.

Sign Balloon
Prohibited Inflatable Sign